Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Early B-Day

Jockey girl outfitted in white pantyhose.  It is of most importance to be appropriately dressed when racing horses.  lol  

The kids have also discovered that the water sink, which we've had for 2 years, is a pretty fun toy.  I almost threw it in the garage sale because Scout has never touched it.  Thank goodness I didn't because now I think it's one of the most popular toys we've got.  
I'm not sure why it is so much fun to be naked, but it is starting to be a little bit of a problem.  Scout doesn't care one bit who is around, she just started shucking the clothes. She's also teaching brother this habit.  It usually occurs when there is water, but not always.  Please don't think we are hillbilly's if you drive by and my children are naked in the front yard.  

She also loves to tee tee outside.  Seriously?  I thought that was a boy thing.  Whatever......
 Mimi came a week ago to celebrate Scout's birthday a little.  She picked up a trampoline in Amarillo and gave to Scout and Reno for their birthdays.  Boy was this girl excited!! 
We traveled to Silverton to watch Pake and Tate play baseball.  It was some fun watching.  They both did super, but I need to brag on Pake especially.  He hit a homerun!!  I admire so much that he can hit that ball only using one arm.  I would never want to arm wrestle that boy because I'm pretty sure his left arm is sooo strong.
We also made a little trip to Aunt Pat's to see all the creatures.  Here I am with a little kid friend.  She is one of a set of triplets that live up close to the house.

Scout got to give a little kid a bottle, which she has been wanting to do forever, and Reno got to chase goats.  You can turn the boy loose in the chicken or goat pen and he just walks around trying to catch something.  I can't wait to get chickens here because I'm pretty sure he'll be content living with them.  

 We assembled the trampoline, which can be quite a challenge with two little ones dying to jump.  It is just perfect for Scout and Reno.  Now if I can just keep them from bonking heads.  Right now Reno pretty much just runs around on it.  Scout on the other hand is doing all kinds of tricks.  I can't believe she isn't a afraid to land on her back.  She may be just like I was as a kid.....trampoline addict. 

 So this was last Wednesday evening that we put it up.  Look what I found a few hours ago.....

I suppose there were some strong winds last night.  Whatever it was didn't even wake us up.  I am just sick about it, but what can you do?  Our backyard is fairly protected, so I'm convinced that it must have been a mini tornado.  Our blow-up pool is empty and just chillin' on the other end of the yard.   Oh well, I guess we'll straighten on it and get a few replacement parts.  

Such is could always be worse.


Rachel said...

Sweet birthday girl!! I think that's so fun that she is going to be a jockey. :)

Bummer bout the trampoline. Hope it gets fixed easy enough!

Jennifer said...

I think a trampoline would be great fun! Might have to be this years Christmas!
Man, bummer about the wind tearing it up though! When I was a kid a dust devil caught ours and blew it up on the roof! Mama called Daddy to tell him, and he accused her of drinking. LOL! (My folks don't drink ;) )