Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Jones Branding

This year Sandhill didn't graze the Cain Ranch.  We usually buy old cows and then sell them as packers and repeat the process each year.  This year there just wasn't enough grass to mess with, therefore we don't have any babies to brand.  Somehow, we do always get the job of taking care of business for some local farmers.  
We mostly sit in the back of the pickup at brandings.  This year we didn't even do the cooking.   

If you know Tyler Rice (childhood friend and hubby of sweet blogger friend Kristin), then you know we had some entertainment.  He's a hoot and was entertaining the kids by making a little guy.  If you don't get it, well sorry 'bout ya because I'm not explaining this one.  

Have you ever seen legs this long?  Meet Cedar, a high school student that is working for Sandhill.  He's from on up in the panhandle (not certain where). His aunt and uncle live here in Earth.   He is such a sweetie.  He has manners and tolerates my kids.  Let me tell you though, this boy is all legs.

Now on to the regulars, Tripp and Riley.  Now these two had a little competition going on yesterday.  I'm just certain of it.  

Why are they dragging if they are hosting the branding?  We didn't have a lot of help and they had already branded at another place, so I'm guessing everyone else had already drug.  That is necessarily a lesson in cowboy etiquette, but my estimate of the situation.
Back to the story, these two were bringing calves faster than they were ready for them.  You can see the calves kicking up dust.  The guys couldn't wait to get rid of one and catch another.  Tripp especially caught a couple of crazy shots. 

Mr. Trail was pulling his weight doing the ear-tagging.  He was starting to look a little tired of walking back and forth, but he did a great job!
Branding was short and sweet for us, but here's to hoping we have our own babies next year. 


Amanda Faith said...

Dang, he does have long legs! WOW. I love all of Scout's pics, little diva girl.

Jennifer said...

I do lots of pickup sitting too. :)
So would the long legged fellow be single? My sister is living in the Panhandle and needs a nice young man in her life. Ha! ;)

Tyler, Kristin and Bronc said...

Leave it up to Tyler, doesn't suprise me, quite the man he made!! I invited myself to come, but didn't get invited!! HAHA, I told Tyler I wanna come, but he didn't ask if I could. Time to make a play date don't ya think!

Rachel said...

Branding is always fun! even when it's blasted hot, ya know? Maybe we've fried our brains so much they don't know the difference. Gee. ;)It's just fun times.

Love the pictures!!

Hillbilly Goddess said...

Thanks for following me! I always enjoy new readers :) I look forward to keeping up with you too!

You have some CUTE kidos! Always love branding!