Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cheap Perfume

Happy Saturday!  I thought I'd share a little goodie I found.

Soo.... not sure if you're like me or not.  I just hate spending money on perfume.  Of course it's almost essential, but you kind of don't have anything to show for that $60-$70 either.  

I have been using Mediterranean by Elizabeth Arden for the past.....hmmm 3 years.  Before that I had LaCoste Touch of Pink and also loved it.  Both of these I had received either for Christmas or birthday.  

So now it was looking like I was on my own for perfume buying and it's a long time until Christmas.

Earlier this week we needed to pick up a few things in Dollar General and guess what I found?  Perfume!!  Seriously who buys their perfume at DG?  
I saw this cute box on the top shelf that looked like an Ed Hardy or Juicy Couture knock off.  Sure enough, perfume for only $4.  I thought what the heck.

Get it home and honest to goodness, I LOVE IT!!  It's called Tattooed by Inky and I'm pretty sure it doesn't have a website.  lol


Rachel said...

Hey, hey, cheap perfume is good, if it works!

Kait said...

I thought I smelled something nice. That must be some gooooooddd stuff.

Jennifer said...

Who knew? ;) Might have to check it out!