Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Happy Convention 2012

 So, the story is short, but there are quite a few pics.  Thank goodness my SIL, Kaitlyn was present.  If it wasn't for her I would have exactly 3 pictures.   lol

This past week, we traveled to Happy, TX for our annual church convention.  We camp out in our trailer for 4 days.  I borrowed Mimi's shower for my babies and Riley and I used the facilities provided.

Luckily we were about to share this special time with lots of family and friends.


Jennifer said...

Adorable pictures!!!

Kait said...

SO fun to see y'all!!

The Rustic Chick said...

You have such a cute lil' family! So blessed! Looked like a good time!

Rachel said...

Awesome! Love all the pictures!!