Sunday, July 1, 2012

Chickens, Finally!!

So this is how the chicken story goes.

1.  Tuesday, April 17th
Our "Americana" chicks were delivered by USPS to my Aunt Pat in Muleshoe.  

2.  Friday, April 20th
Our chicken house was delivered to our casa.

3.  Friday, May 4th
Picked up our "Rode Island Red" chicks at Heartland Mercantile in Dimmitt, TX.  Trail grew these up.

4.  Tuesday, June 26th
The chicken set-up is complete.
Set-up = house the run/cage
Thank you Mr. Riley Smith for your hard work.

5.  Thursday, June 28th
Five sweet RIR's came to live at our house.  
Thank you Trail!
6.  Friday, June 29th
The official chicken swapping began!!  Pat gave Trail 4 for his birthday and traded him for 4 RIRs.  Pat gave my children 4 for their birthdays.  Pat and Trail did all the hard work.  I pretty much did nothing.

My kids loved every minute of the squawking ruckus of catching chickens. (Yes, Scout is wearing a fleece scarf in the 100 degree weather and could not be convinced otherwise.)

Trail comes home with us.  These alternated back and forth between swimming, jumping on the trampoline, and sitting in the chicken house.
This girl is sooo happy!!  Can you tell it?  She is getting to do all the things she loves, with her beloved Trail.

Some funny conversations went on too....... 


Kait said...

Yay for chickens!!

Jennifer said...

I need to get chickens again, we had a banger dig in and eat all ours up!

Rachel said...

Whoo-hoo for chickens!

I'm not brave enough to get any, I figure that we fight with coyotes enough keeping cats around, chickens would be three times as tough to keep around... ugh.
Thankfully we get eggs from an older couple at church, so, all is well.

Hope yours do well!!