Friday, July 6, 2012

4th of July Week

This 4th of July week has been sort of busy.  I have pics some pics and of course, some has slipped by without a single snapshot.  Such is life!

We have roped, and rodeo-ed, baked, and paraded.  In our spare time in between we have watered the garden and hoed weeds (goat-heads to be exact).  

The chicken are the greatest entertainment EVER.  I'd swear I could put them in the chicken pen, go to the grocery store, and they'd never miss me.  Reno is getting pretty brave with the chicken catching and has been "pulling their hair" according to Scout.  She makes sure he doesn't mistreat her "beloveds".   

The story is that back in the day, my sister Tandy claimed the chickens were her friends.  So far my baby girl is so much like my sister was that it's a little scary.  Many say she even looks just like her.  
Whew!  Finally crashed out.

Trying, trying, trying to get these boogers to sleep at the team roping!
Next we went to Sawyer's 2nd birthday party in Canyon.  This little guy belongs to my BFF from college (and today).  He is very busy and wasn't too interested in anything a Mama tries to accomplish at a birthday party.  Our pics aren't too great, but at least we have something.
I quite possibly have the beater-lickingest kids in the world.  I'll pull a LaVerne and tell on myself.  Scout and I made banana  bread.  I sure thought the dough looked weird as I was putting it in the pan.  Oh well, surely it'll turn out, right?  A few minutes later Scout says "Mama here are the bananas!".  You got it.....banana bread minus the bananas.  FYI, it isn't eatable.    We were successful on our 2nd try.  lol
I'll have a bite.....
you have a bite!
Because of a little change in plans, we were able to spare a minute to see Riley's grandparents in Amarillo.  They have recently moved there and we were able to see their new place for the first time.  
Springlake has a pretty big 4th celebration including a parade, meal, band, and fireworks.  I think this year was the biggest I've ever seen it.  We had a fun time catching candy and running wild.  

Riley ran off with Jason to set up fireworks and then again to light them.  I will admit, I was having quite a time keeping up with the children by myself.  Reno doesn't give a rip about us or where we are at, so he heads of where ever he cares to.  Scout just loves to run and chase, so she was running over little ones left and right and tackling anyone who deserved it. 
Last year it was a little boy with a ball, this year it was a little boy with her flag.  We were doing so good sharing the flag until Mr. Cooper Clayton got it.  He says, "if you want it you'll have to catch me".  Scout tackled him three times, but he still had the flag.  She looked at me a little puzzled and I told her that he must be tougher than she is.  When she went for him a 4th time, he turned and gave the flag over.  lol  

It's sort of funny, but sort of not.  She sure isn't one to just sit and look dainty!
Scout, Tanner, & Miss Braylee


Elaine said...

I find it is much easier to make a mistake when baking if you have little helpers around. I am lucky anything turns out these days. Forget the kids I think I am the biggest beater licker at my house-it is the best part!! Looks like a fun weekend, and I feel for ya trying to get kids to sleep in a stroller at a rodeo-I tried that at the San Angelo roping 2 years go with lk. We lapped the coliseum many many times!!!

Kait said...

LOL! The best one is the look on your face with the stroller - WHY do they fight it so bad! Can't wait to see those little boogers!

Rachel said...

Whew, sounds busy to me. I think I'd have crashed in the stroller!

Jennifer said...

Sounds busy and fun!
Girl, I feel your pain with Reno running off. Quintin was AWFUL! Every ranch rodeo we went too, he would just take off and never look back. He hasn't been so bad this year, so far. Thank goodness!!