Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Reno - 7 months

Time is officially flying. By the time I can get each monthly post done, Reno is already turning a month older. Here he is posing with Andy. I will make a little comment on the pictures. It seems like he always looks so chunky in the pics and in person he looks healthy, but pretty skinny.

Reno you weigh around 16 lbs. and I'm not sure about the height. It seems like you are pretty long though. Your shirts or onesies are 9 - 12 months for the length and 6 - 9 months on shorts or pants.

You are not that great of an eater. You still don't drink a whole 6 oz bottle at once. It usually takes you a couple of tries. For a few weeks there you ate baby food great. Just in the last couple of days, you pretty much only eat the fruit. We are working on getting you used to table food, but you gag and shake your head. It really is quite the production. You love to play with your water bottle and drink water.

You've had 2 teeth for about 2 weeks now. I'm pretty sure you are working on some more too. You are always moving your head back and forth when you have something in your mouth. It must feel really good. Your hair is really growing fast too. It is also super blonde. Everyone still says you look just like your dad. Gigi says you look more like me but everything you do is just like your dad. Switcheroo.....Scout looks like Dad and acts like me (yes, I can admit that!!) and Reno looks like me and acts like Dad.

Reno you've been trying to crawl for about a month, but have been able to really get where you want to go in the last couple of weeks. You kind of mind your own business and just go and do as you please. As soon as you started crawling good, you also decided you should pull up. The steps beside sister's bed are the perfect height for you to pull up on. You also bear crawl a lot. Slow down boy...Mama can't keep up!! These summer rodeos are going to be wild because you are just going to want down. WOW!!! Can you say "D-I-R-T-Y"!!

You quit sleeping all night when we went to the RHAA Finals in Abilene the second week in May. Little TOOT!! Sister did the same thing and came untrained at about this age. It might be a battle for a bit, but she's a good sleeper now so I'll bet you will be too.

You do love toys much better than Scout did. She is doing a great job sharing with you also. Just in the past week you've found your voice and it's pretty hard to talk on the phone because you are being so loud. Of course you act quiet and shy around people you don't know.

Reno, you are such a sweet boy. We are having so much fun with you. Can't wait to see how much you grow and change in the next few months (and years). We love you!!

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Rachel said...

Sweet boy!
Time neverever seems to slow down.