Saturday, June 4, 2011

May Wrap-Up

So we are just going to settle this deal once and for all. I'm so tired of being behind. Unfortunately I'm not just behind on the blog, I'm behind on the house, the work, the sleep, you name it. Oh well, I always say that someday I'll be old and will wish for something to do.

First, I do have some news, but no pics to go with it. Sandhill won Wild Horse Prairie Days Ranch Rodeo in Haskell, TX this past weekend. Thank goodness we have qualified for Amarillo already. It will make the few rodeos that we go to this summer so much more fun. I asked Riley how many we went to last year and he said 13. That makes 2 for this year sound much better.

My kids with Pat & her kids!! lol

Those kids kept trying to get Scout's toes.....

and Reno's and he didn't like it one bit!

The kids and I went with Mimi & Papa to Abilene to watch Tripp & Autumn show in the RHAA finals. Sadly this is the only picture I have from the whole weekend. Riley stayed home this year and worked since he didn't qualify a horse.

We did some swinging during the month of May, but no yard work as you can see here!! ha

Scout being a big girl with her big girl cousins. They were headed to watch Trail play baseball. This was the beginning of Scout's "Potty-Trained" Sleepover at the Townsend's.

Right where she wants to be.......

doing whatever she wants to do!!! No wonder she loves to go over there.

Even though we've already done an Easter post, I wanted to throw in Trail with the chicks we got him for Easter. It was mostly paybacks for Summer buying Scout a cat for her birthday last year. Good thing Scout wasn't interested in bringing any of the chicks home with us. She was perfectly content leaving them at Trail's house. Funny thing was that Summer and Autumn claimed one for themselves. Long story short these sweet pullets now live at Pat's with her hens. They seem to be doing well.

Reno has been eyeing the bouncy horse for quite awhile now. Sister was super excited to give him a ride.

Semi-recovered, semi-infected!!! Reno got it first....spots, followed by throw-ups, etc. He didn't have it too long or too bad, but he did give it to sister. It was a little harder on her. They look pretty happy here though.

"Little-bitty" also likes to pull up if he can find something short enough.

Reno, Riley, & Summer

We almost missed graduation. Riley was at the roping demonstration for the horse sale and I was just getting in from taking Reno to the doctor. We couldn't stand to miss it and made it work.

She is a very special niece to us. Congrats Girl!!

Not sure what this face is!! She must be excited to be graduating, or she sees cupcakes, or boots!! jk

My beautiful SIL, Kaitlyn at Baby Shower #3

We even drove to San Antonio sometime during the hectic month of May. We had a super fun time despite the heat and humidity. Not sure how people do it down there, must be a lot tougher than me. Kait too pics of my kiddos, check them out here. She did a great job as usual.


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Jennifer said...

Congrats on qualifying!! Oh man, we went to so many last year. And with each one the pressure just builds more and more... And there is nothing more sad than that last one and you still have hard luck. Especially when ya figure all the money down the drain.. ha!!