Friday, June 10, 2011


My little beauty is 3!! I sort of can't believe it. It feels like yesterday that I was as big as a barn, anxious to meet my little lady, trying to imagine what she would look like and what her personality would be. Boy was I clueless!!

Scout you are so much fun!! There is never a dull moment with you. You do require a good bit of attention, but that's just how some of us are. Patience is not one of your biggest assets, but then again your parents don't have any either. You get pretty worked up if something doesn't suit you and we have to remind you to ask for help instead of throwing a screaming fit.

Right now we are having some clothing issues. The only thing you want to wear is "affwetic" shorts and a t-shirt. We've had hour long crying fits a few times because you didn't want to wear something and I wanted you to. Recently I've been giving you a few options and that seems to work pretty good.

You still eat good, always have. You eat sweets and meat especially well. The big, red birthday donut from Aunt Hope made your day. You are getting really bad about sucking on bread type foods and needing to "soff" my arm. I keep telling you that you won't be able to do that at school.

We just think you are the smartest thing. (Duh, we are the parents.) You can say your alphabet and recognize some of the letters in the Dr. Suess alphabet book. I can't take credit, Tad taught you all this; that is Tad the little leap frog frog. You are always saying "". You can for sure count to 10 and you know most of the numbers on to 20, just not in order.

Scout you are a "matching game" girl. We had gotten you one and you received one as a birthday present. Not saying much, but you are better than me at it. You love to run and kick a ball. You've never really played basketball, but we are starting you early. You play in the sand in the backyard all the time and love swimming.

Scout, you are big pals with Autumn. I think it's because she minds you so well. You adore Trail and are always wanting him to hold your hand (in public) and he's such a good sport about it. Summer makes you mind, but you love her too. Pake and Tate are pretty cool cousins too.

You also have an imaginary friend Bitsy. You are always having me hold her. Her birthday was also on June 8th, but she turned 5. You are always talking about when you are a "wittle boy" or an "ol wady" and everything happens last night. I'm so relieved to know you have an imagination.

At one time you were such a pack rat, but now you are more into writing checks to everyone. You also write on yourself all the time and are always thieving my pens or markers. You can draw a heart and triangle.

Scout, you are Daddy's girl but also very attached to Mama. You live for that milk and cookie with Dad before bed. It is so much fun to go with him to rodeos or on the feed truck. I got a pretty big kick out of what you did to him at the $50,000 Rodeo. Right during the double mugging you announced that you needed to go potty and he missed getting to watch Brent Lewis rope.

At bed time I go in and check on you and you always say, "I was needing you". I just love it!! I hope you always feel that way.

You are Reno's girl too. He loves you and you are such a big helper to us with him. I'm not looking forward to the fighting that has pretty much already started. The other day when I asked you not to touch him in the carseat you replied, "he's touching me". Wow!!

Scout, you are a beautiful, fun girl. We love and adore you!!

For your birthday this year we are having a party with Trail. You got to watch the guys brand, hang out with the cousins most of the day, swim, and watch Trail play ball. What more could a girl ask for?


Jennifer said...

Aww! She's such a cutie!!!!

Rachel said...

How fun!! She is a doll, it's sooo much fun to watch them learn, and grow into someone.