Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Today the crew branded our cows on Cain Ranch. Hope and I took lunch out. For the past couple of years I've had bad timing, as in I pull up when the last calf is getting up. Therefore I have no actual branding pics, but did get a few.
Nice loop RS!
Things got a little western here for a minute, but that is to be expected when Tyler Rice is around.
Can you figure out whose rope is on the bull and whose rope is on the cow? It was a little confusing there for a minute.
Waterin' horses.
The looks on their faces, describe the wind and blowing dust perfectly. Yuck!!
Face (and ear) washin' time!!
This was Reno's first branding and he mostly spent it sleeping in the pickup. This wasn't such a bad idea considering how nasty it was.New cow-boy hat!!
Sister enjoying a little "lunchie"!

Hopefully we'll get lots of pics tomorrow. It's going to be a big day....you'll see;)!!


Jennifer said...

I haven't gotten many pics this year either.. The ones I did get the other day were also in the midst of a dirt storm!

Rachel said...

I love takin' pics of brandin', or any cattle work, really! But I am usually in the middle of the crew too, and thats always fun, in my book!
Love the pictures, especially of the kids, they are too cute!