Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Canadian Cattle

We met the family at Canadian to turn out cattle. It was so fun to see Brook & Kait since we rarely get to see them. I rode for the first time in ummm like a year. Good thing we don't have pics of that because it probably wasn't too pretty. Gigi and Kait babysat on the Ranger.

Aunt Kait with my babies. You can't see her "fat" belly or Scout's in this picture. Before we saw them I was telling Scout she had baby Saylor in her tummy and she said, "Oh a fat tummy like me". Since then the story involves Dr. Pepper. One day after drinking a Dr. Pepper she said, "oh I drank too much coke, my belly is so fat. When Kait drink Dr. Pepper it goes on Baby Saylors head and she cries."

We didn't have a cap for Reno so he had to borrow his sisters. You can see what he thinks about that.

Scout's first encounter with an umbrella!!

Don't worry.....we jinxed the rain. It looked like it was going to come a "floater" but we took cover and it passed over us.

Playin' in the trailer!!

Guitar lessons from Papaw!

Hopefully she is musical like Granny Franny (Papaw's mom) & Papaw

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Jennifer said...

I love those last two pics! Sooo cute!!!!