Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Co - Birthday Party

Scout and Trail recently had a co-birthday party. I'd like to say it was tons of fun, but that entirely depends on your personality and what you're accustomed to.

I'm almost certain that the reason the Brahma Breeder and his Senorita cousin aren't looking is because the sand/dirt/feedyard dust is blowing at approximately 40 mph.

Feedyard dust?.....Yes, we had the party in the round pen at the feedyard. It's been known to happen before. We had an industrial size slip-n-slide, I mean slip-n-bump. The guys forgot to smooth the sand underneath, so there wasn't a whole lot of sliding involved.

Reno wasn't a super happy camper. He's kind of a "fair weather friend" since he doesn't like to be out in the heat, cold water, or in this case blowing sand.

Here is a prime example of cold water. Wonder what Scout and Emma are discussing here? Funny thing....Scout was walking across the tank and slipped. She was a big girl about it, but that is also about the only way she goes under.....by accident.

Scout's best pals Haley and Bethany put some time and thought into their sand castle. Actually I think they said it was Egypt.

Good times, but I'm not sure I've gotten every grain of sand cleaned up yet!!

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Jennifer said...

Aren't you just so sick of the wind? It blows every day here.. I'm so OVER it! ;)