Tuesday, July 5, 2011


After the birthday party we were lucky enough to have Mimi stay with us for a few days. She helped clean out the garage in preparation for the upcoming move. (Yes, move...just a few miles away, don't get too excited.) So then we took her home and stayed for a couple of days. We got in our bi-yearly trip to Kmart...ha...and packed her trailer for Hugo, CO.

We met the rest of the bunch there on Friday afternoon. It has become tradition to camp out there and we always have a great time. There are two rodeo performances, a ranch horse competition, and this year a friendly game of Dollar Tree plastic baseball. I'm sure people thought we were drinking a little early in the afternoon!

The guys were very consistent in the rodeo. It is two full go rounds and they didn't have any no-times. However, there were a few teams that wons multiple events, etc. Luckily we have already qualified because we didn't even place in the top 3.

Here's a double-mugging tutorial for ya just in case anyone ever wants to try. lol

Four guys horseback, two 500 - 600#ers turned lose from different ends of the arena. Full-blast-it to the cattle, you and your partner take one, the other two guys take the other, duh. Head and heel your steer.

Try to avoid your teammates for safety and so you get a good "shot". This year it seems like there isn't a loop limit, but remember we are going for time.

Tie down your steer ASAP.

Look to see if your teammates are finished. Time is called when both steers are tied. Then they must stay tied for 6 seconds.

Nope.....still tying!! lol

Play peek-a-boo with your auntie to pass the time...

or play in the giant sandbox with 50 other kids....

or eat or drink every kind of junk food you can get your hands on.

Happy Rodeoing Folks!!


Kait said...

Little cuties! Love Reno Man's smiles/smirks!

Jennifer said...

Fun times! We're missing ranch rodeo this year. Maybe we'll be back in the groove next summer.