Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wood/ Townsend Christmas 2010

Head dishwasher and Head cook!!

Check out those legs....he's starting to get chubby. Oh, the chins kind of give it away!

Concentration! Gingerbread house contest. Pake, Riley, and I took on Tandy, KD, and Tate. You know we sooo won!! Pake did a great job with all the decorating.

See how Scout helped Tandy and Tate?

Scout really didn't want to take a picture and she wasn't about to put her tutu back on.

Mimi's grandkids!!
Tate, Summer, Reno, Trail, Scout, Autumn, and Pake

Reno with Daddy and Mommy!!

Tate has a hard time being serious...can you tell?

Scout loves her new teepee. She also got a horse barn and pickup and trailer.

Summer picked this out...soo her!!

Future Summer!! This is Scout posing in "the tutu".

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