Friday, December 3, 2010


A few days ago as I read the "Sweet T" blog, (you've been there right?) I noticed that my niece Summer and I have the same number of followers. That is what brings us here today, I want to present a little challenge........

Who can get the most followers by December 18th @ 8:25 am??

Funny that I chose that time....It is actually the exact time Sweet T was born. On December 18, 2010 she will be 18!!

Yes, I know that she is beautiful, funny, well down-right hilarious, a whiz with words, fashion savy, did I mention beautiful,...the list could go on and on. However, I do spell better than her and surely there is something else. I probably shouldn't mention grammar since I stink at it and for some reason use ...... (the they have a name?).

So what it means for you people is that if you check out The Smith Scoop I'd like for you to become a follower. Yes you can follow both of us and no we won't check closely to see who chose me over her. lol If you don't know how to become a'd better figure it out. I'm counting on you!!

Part of what caused me even to think of this is that when I look on my Live Traffic Feed I'm wondering who visits us from Lynnwood Washington, the Russian Federation, Santa Fe, and Salem Alabama. Just wondering!!

Really who cares who has the most followers. Summer is very talented and surely someday you will be reading her column or story in a popular publication. She may have her own show, who knows!! I just want ya'll to be able to say that you know her and have followed her for a long time!!

Good Luck, Summer Lynn!! I love you even if you do beat me.


Me.. said...

I'm Santa Fe...however in the world that works! :)

3-J's said...

I came up as Garrison, TX. ???

Summer said...

Tori, you do me too much justice! I actually only have 12 followers, the computer lies, and one of those followers is myself? I don't know how that happened...but anyways I accept the challenge! Loser buys me jeggings.

Luff you!

kate nap said...

So, here ya go!! It's me, your friend Kate from Washington! Love seeing pic's of your sweet family and hearing about your day to day activities.