Thursday, December 16, 2010

Reno - 2 months

Reno looks big compared to Andy and small compared to Scout.

7 wk stats:
10.5 lbs

Reno, your personality comes out a little more each day. You are going to be so smart. I have decided that maybe you play possum in hopes that your sister will leave you alone. Each day when we all lay down for a nap, you decide that it's "awake" time. (Yes people...sometimes I end up napping for a bit!!)

You don't take a pacifier very well. That is unless sister gives you no choice. Many times I have caught her holding it in your mouth. This quite possibly explains why you gag on it most of the time.

Reno you do have a little bit of a temper. The other evening I put you down for the night in the bassinet (which yo
u have outgrown). I lay you down awake most of the time and you put yourself to sleep. On this particular night that didn't suit you. By the time I could get back to the kitchen you were screaming and continued for a bit after I picked you up. Then you were asleep within seconds after I started rocking you. Can you say "spoiled"? That's alright, we wouldn't have it any other way.

Today was Open House at the bank!! Here Scout and her dad are enjoying some dessert. What kid doesn't love iced Christmas cookies? Uhh...I still do!!

Notice the Christmas bells in Scout's hair? She calls them her "ring bells".

This is me at 2 months. So, does the boy look like me?

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