Thursday, December 9, 2010


Last night the call comes......Holsteins are out. They had been moved the previous day and obviously didn't like the new patch of wheat.

We arrive, at around 8:00 pm, to find that Tripp already has a big bunch of them found. So the tough part begins. Have you ever tried to drive Holsteins? the dark? At one point we were getting pretty close to having them in the pen so Riley and I get out on foot. Uhh...not smart. I saw my fairly athletic body and my beautiful face (joke, joke) flash before my eyes as the stampede of black and white almost went straight over the top of me. So we did eventually pen 125 of them.

Then for the following 1.5 hours we drove around looking for 25 head of missing "Holstinks". I swear Scout came up with it on her own. Mom used to raise baby Holsteins therefore I've been around them quite a little and never come up with anything that clever.

These are not our Holstinks, but they were about this size. You don't get pictures when it's dark and they are about to run over you. So seriously, how does Pioneer Woman get all those pictures where the cattle or horses are running on either side of her? She must have a lot of people working for her to stage a deal like that. My Marlboro Man isn't that cooperative, oh and I'm not making him rich because I'm such a good blogger, cook, etc.

Peace, Love, & the JOYs of wheat pasture cowboys!!

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