Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Scout is 2 1/2

She sometimes makes big messes (look's baby powder).

She is (almost) always sweet and loving.

She takes good care of her little brother.

She is sassy!

She is prissy!

She is already very fashionable (thanks to Summer & Autumn).
Did I mention that she is sassy?

She is friendly.
No she doesn't have a boyfriend if that is what you are thinking!!

This girl says and does so many hilarious things. It would be impossible to record them all unless we had our own reality show. Trust me, sometimes I think we should. Here are just a few that I can remember off the top of my head.

She is obsessed with the zoo. Her grandmas took her last spring and she recounts the day almost every day. Lately she will just exclaim "THE ZOO" out of the blue. Riley and I joke that it is our new cuss word.

She has been calling Riley and I by our names. If she isn't calling us "Riley" or "Tori" then she calls us "Mom" or "Dad". Sooo big!! She likes to say, "Come on, Riey Smmiff!" (not a typo) or "Come on Toori".

She has picked her brother up twice to date. Once was when we were sitting right there on the bed with them. The other time was just last week, under my supervision of course. Reno was laying on the couch and she carried him into the kitchen to me. Yikes!! He will have no choice but to be tough.

On the way home from Amarillo the other evening we had a little scare. I had given her a tissue to wipe her nose as we were leaving. At about Canyon she found it again and said something about wiping her nose. As we were leaving Canyon Riley looks back and sees that she is cramming something up her nose. Hmmm.....the tissue. Riley has been having nosebleeds and rolls up tissue and puts it up his nose. Monkey see, monkey do!! After she sneezed about 50 times a big piece comes out. Then Riley used the sucker bulb and retrieved two more pieces. Good thing I was driving and Riley handled it. He is so much better at that kind of stuff than I am.

She went through a stage where everything was, "I do it mysef".

Scout: "Where is Papa (Preston)?
Dad: In the bedroom, changing clothes.
Scout: Can I watch?

She goes down for a nap with Hope. She wakes up grumpy, half-way through the nap and is there with Tripp because Hope had to go somewhere. He says, "Scout you want to take a nap with me?". Scout replies, "That's not so funny!!".

The girls were roping at the feedyard and Tripp was coaching on Autumn pretty good. With tears in her eyes Scout asks, "Why you tellin' Autumn somepin?". So if you ever get onto her she says, "Why you tellin' me somepin?" or "What you tellin' me?"

Scout: Are we funny?
Hope: yes
Scout: Is my momma funny?
Hope: yes
Scout: Do you waff (laugh) at her?

Hope took her to school once to eat lunch and have recess with Trail. As they pulled out of the parking lot to go back home she tells Hope, "I have a great day at school".

She is halfway to 5, which means school. I can't believe it!!

Scout, you are such a good girl. We love you!!

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Somehow, someway, I'm thinkin' she and jess are related!