Wednesday, December 17, 2008

6 Month Height & Weight

Yesterday Scout had her 6 month appointment. Just thought I'd post her stats. Probably only new moms are concerned with these things. She weighs 17 pounds and is 28 inches long. Sort of tall and skinny, except not skinny. Have you seen this girl's rolls? Well she's got 'em. Riley always teases her about her belly hanging over her diaper and Tripp calls her "chub". There's just something about can't resist commenting on her chubbiness.


Tandy Adams said...

Well she's the cutest thing EVER!

Me.. said...

What a most precious little baby you have, Tori!! I loved looking at your blog. Congratulations on...well..on everything!!

Tandy Adams said...

Tori Beth! I LOVE the picture of you sewing! I'm jealous that you're sooo good at it! Very impressive!