Monday, December 1, 2008

Aunt Sis is the big 5 0 !!

Well....once again I am like forever behind. I guess I'll be that way for a little while, so just deal with it!! ---lol

On November 19th we attended Riley's Aunt Cindy's 50th bash. It was very tasteful....nicely done by Jaimi and Grandma-Ma. Clovis has a really nice Civic Center, at which Jaimi is the event planner person. We had a delicious dinner, lots of laughs (at her gag gifts), and enjoyed family.

Aunt Sis opening gifts (from the wheelchair).

Rylan --- the paci thief!!

Tayli, Acadia, Rylan, Grandma-Ma, Scout, & Tylee

Scout with her Grams!!

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Tandy Adams said...

Grandma-ma has some beautiful great grand-daughters! That's just priceless! Also, what a great picture of Grammy and Scout!