Friday, January 9, 2009

Christmas Part A

I can't believe I've been putting this off for so long. I tend to dread big projects. Sorry 'bout ya.......cuz now I probably won't post as much as if I'd done it right when it happened.

Here goes......
Laverne, Scout, & Myself

Scout's first introduction to Santa!!

Tripp & Trail singing to Scout.
(OK...just Trail. Tripp stopped when he realized I was videoing.)

Summer in the "birthday sombrero". I can't believe she is 16!

The girls and the awesome cake Hope made.

Scout with the silly face on....(Trail got it at the nursing home.)

Mom cooking on the "Home Comfort" (wood cook stove). You know, everything just tastes better!!

Our cowgirl in the making. (Clean rope, I promise!)

Preston & Scout Preston

Scout & Aunt Pat playing.

Baby wrestling! Pretty sure Scout lost. Tyleigh is crawling so good!!

Jaimie, Tyleigh, Scout, & Myself

If you look looks like the babies are talking to each other.

The Whole Bunch at Mimi & Papa's!!

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