Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Happy 1/2 Birthday Scout!!

Ok, so yesterday Scout was 1/2 year old. I absolutely cannot believe how quickly the time has passed. Jess told me it was going to be this way, but seriously.... Now that we've got the rolling over thing down pretty well we are focusing on crawling. Maybe I should say her Daddy has started trying to teach her. In this video you'll notice how that all she wants to do is roll over. She probably thinks we're crazy since we used to try to get her to roll over and now we want her to stay on her tummy and crawl.


This picture is for Gramps. Riley and Scout figuring......she loves that calculator.


Kait said...

Haha! She ain't havin' none of that!

ashtonjamie said...

hahah! CUTE!! It comes! One day you look over and she will be doing the worm! Thats how Tyleigh gets around! She belly flops to where she wants to go :D its cute!

Tandy Adams said...

Thanks for the video! Can't wait to play with Scout over Christmas! Yes they grow sooo fast... I looked up the other day and my baby is almost 7!

Sherry said...

Try to enjoy every minute....if you can....think how I feel ...my little girl...is not so little anymore and will turn 16 in 6 months. I love Scout age....cause you still get to dress them....lol