Monday, December 1, 2008

I'm Thankful for.....

32 foot gooseneck trailers, Riley's big muscles, Tori's advice (or bossiness), Grandma-Ma's punkin' pie.......This is what Bob and Tam were saying on Thanksgiving Day!!

Riley, Scout, and I went down last Wednesday and started helping move all the big stuff. Sean, Missy, their girls, and Grandma-Ma showed up to help out. Sean pretty much saved my life. I'm strong (ha-ha), but can't exactly lift a piano above my head.

We got alot done and had fun doing it. Maybe we worked off some of that pie. Speaking of pie.... G-Ma made the traditional dinner (Riley would absolutely die if he didn't have turkey and dressing) and brought to the new house. It was great!!

Us with Grams & Gramps

Us with Grandma-Ma

Scout eating carrots!!

Scout took a swipe at her Daddy's pie.

Gobble, gobble...on that turkey leg!!


Tandy Adams said...

I didn't know she was eating carrots! Yum! My boys liked the sweet potatoes and carrots, but everytime they ate them it turned their cheeks orange!

Anonymous said...

You look like your mom!