Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sick 'em on a Chicken!!

I am receiving payment for not blogging in so long.  For some crazy reason I am unable to type in amongst my pictures (or type at all) like I normally do.  If you know what’s wrong with me please share!

The WRCA Finals turned out well for us this year.  Before going Riley and I talked about how it had been awhile since we did any good.  Sandhill won first in 2004.  That year I was actually on the team….not because I’m great, but because you can’t just have any old cowboy you find and think is a good hand on your team.  I was employed by Sandhill and could legally be on the team.  I was needed because Tripp had broken his ankle and was on crutches.  Oh no, he wasn’t out.  He rode, roped, all of his normal stuff.  He just couldn’t get down and walk.  Lol  I was mostly needed for the branding, but I’ve gone in the cow milking.  J  Sandhill won again in 2007, and now again in 2013.

The cowmilking almost wrecked our world this year.  We had her, she got away, we had no milking.  NO TIME!!  Luckily it didn’t cause us to lose the whole deal.  Luckily, we have a bronc rider named Tyler Rice.  This guy can ride and came so close to winning the average.

Sick ‘em on a chicken…..watch them feathers fly!!  They play this song during the cowmilking and my kids have been singing it ever since!!  


Emily said...

Yay for pictures...my fellow tardy blogger :)

Valerie said...

Woohoo! Would have loved to see all that in person! Congrats!

Rachel said...

Blogging??? Ha, I fail, but I reeeeally need to blog again soon. :/

Love the pics! Way to go guys!!

Jennifer said...

Congrats on ya'lls win!