Sunday, December 29, 2013

Winter Wonderland

Mother Nature hasn't been messing around this winter.  I saw something on FB about her going through menopause, which I would mostly agree with.  

Bless her heart, she can't decide if we should heat up to 60 or freeze at 16!

The weekend before Thanksgiving we had a storm!  Scout was released early from school on Friday, Monday was cancelled altogether and on Tuesday we enjoyed a delay.

 It appears that the children built a snowman! was their mother.  Even though we had about a foot of snow, it wasn't super sticky.  I had to use buckets to build this fella.  Then Rover made habit of stealing his accessories.  
This snow/rain stuff is great and fine when the cattle are straight.  Unfortunately we have some Floridas that are not yet acclimated that have been taking the hit.  Of course we hate to speak ugly toward any moisture that we could receive.

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Jennifer said...

This weather has been nuts, for sure!