Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sweet Friends!

My kiddos have these wonderful, new friends.  Ok, ok......backup......I have a wonderful, new friend and these children just so happen to belong to her and have everything in common (same as the mother and I). 

Two (twins) of these fun kiddos celebrated their 5th birthday and we were lucky enough to join them. 

Their mother really did things up with major food, organized games, and decor.  So this might be the one way that she and I aren't alike.   

 Pillowcase Race
 The donut eating contest was too hilarious!
 Suspend a donut, tie up their hands.  
 My Scoutie actually finished the whole donut.  

 Mustaches for everyone!!
 Birthday Girl!
 Scout and Cake!!
 This boy.....have you ever seen prettier eyes?   He and Scout have been married a few times.  I'm kind of hoping it sticks.  
 Big Brother Buster
 The Dad and Pin the Tail on the Donkey.
Birthday Boy was pretty proud of his gun.

Most of all, the Smith Family is pretty proud to call the Barnes Family friends.  Isn't it the neatest thing when you make friends that you just click with?