Thursday, October 31, 2013

Before they get away.......

 Pictures can be lost, mostly surely eaten by technology.  It certainly has nothing to do with my lack of organization or "staying on top of things".

These pictures all me smile!!  There isn't much to be said on most of them.  If there is, I tried to add it in.

I guess this works for #tbt "Throw Back Thursday"!!  Some of these pics throw all the way back to June.  lol

 She's a baby hog, a dog hog, a small child name it and she probably hogs it.
 Can you say trouble??

 Rover (nearly got run over) so we now have a small dog!!  Never say never people!!  I've eaten my words every single time I've said it.
 Riley's new leggings made by Hunter A.  I adore them and am so proud of Riley for finally ordering something a little "out there". 

 $24 for a roll of child size Cactus roping gloves.......expensive, but worth absolutely every penny.

Peace, love, and "hello" November!!


Ashley Bergen said...

Loved these pictures! Scout dresses like all us girls did at one point in time:-)

Rachel said...

Awesome pics! Those kiddos are so sweet!

Emily said...

Adorable, as always!

And I do love Riley's new leggings, very nice!

Valerie said...

Aw, way cute! Loved the pics...made me smile!!

Amanda Haney said...

Love Riley's new leggins! Scout is the most adorable thing, as always. :)