Thursday, December 26, 2013

"Merry Christmas

to you all, and how do you do?  We are all so happy to see you!!"
This was Scout's line at the Kindergarten Christmas Program.

 I figure they put her first because if she were to problem!  She will just make something up and go with it.  The kids did great and I can't imagine the amount of work the poor teachers put into it.
Reno watched intently and then bolted off to be in the class picture as soon the program was over.  
Thanks to Miss Summer and Aunt Hope for coming to watch.  I'm pretty sure that really made the whole thing!
There was also a class party....
Full of friends and family,
fun games,

yummy treats
and crafts
 Mr. Reno was right there with his sister.  He acted so big and just went with the flow.  I'm afraid it will be like the beginning of school all over again in January when sis goes back.....for me too! :(

Thanks to all of the Kinder Mamas that helped me put together this fun time for the kiddos.  

Most of all thanks to the sweet teachers that take such good care of our babies.

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