Friday, May 31, 2013


I don't know how many of you feel the same, but I struggle greatly with my weight, exercise, etc.  No, I don't have a real problem but to a woman there is a problem if she looks in the mirror and doesn't like what she sees.  

It has been much harder for me to lose weight in my 30's.  I've always lost 5 or 10 pounds super  easy.  Well not now!

Just thought I'd share a few of the tools that seem to be helping me "stay hooked".   

First of all I started using the My Fitness Pal app.  When I had elbow surgery the first of April I started using it.  I was freaked out that I couldn't exercise and would gain tons of weight.  I have myself on 1200 calories a day.  This is what it gave me based on height, weight, age, weight goal, etc.

You are welcome to become my friend mama2scout and I decided to make my diary public.  Accountability!!

Just this last week I purchased the Polar Heart Rate Monitor watch FT7.  You have to wear a strap around your chest (right under band of sports bra), but you hardly even notice.  It's really nice knowing how many calories you are burning, heart rate, etc.

My SIL, Kailtyn has me hooked on Fitness Blender.  It is a free website with tons of workout videos.  People, I'm talking full length, do it with you, no timing yourself, no reading a description trying to decide what to do.  It really is like having a personal trainer.  I prefer using the I Pad, but it works just fine on my phone.  Oh and did I mention it's FREE?  Thank you, thank you Daniel and Kelley.

Luckily there is also a fitness group here in Earth.  Who would have thought?  I graduated from high school with Iris and she is doing a great job. If I can't make it to her workout then I do a Fitness Blender.  I will say that going to a Foundation 6:19 class is for sure the best thing for me.  I push myself so much harder at a class.  

I've also been trying to eat better.  I've cut back on tortillas, bread, chips, cheese, and sour cream.  Honestly it hasn't been hard at all, except for the tortillas.  So what it means is that I really don't have these at home.  If we eat out somewhere I may have these in moderation. 

Moderation!  It's all about moderation.  I'm not saying I'll never eat this or that, because I probably will.  If it is high calorie, then I just won't be able to eat very much of it.  

So you learn that you get to eat more of something healthy.  I wouldn't say I've been eating clean, but kind of for me.  Now I sure can tell when I eat something my tummy isn't used to.  It makes me feel yucky.  The other day I had some ice cream and thought I was going to be sick.  

I may or may not have frowned on others that I thought were "obsessed" with diet and exercise.  Well, now I don't.  You really kind of need to be obsessed to stick with it and get anywhere.

I've only lost about 5 pounds since the first of April.  I didn't start working out until the first of May.  I haven't counted calories every single day.  I know that I am gaining muscle and am shedding inches (or maybe an inch).  lol

Hopefully this inspires you guys to get going!  My Mama inspires me.  She's like the My Fitness Pal calorie Nazi.  Love that!  


Elizabeth Martin said...

Oh how I can relate. I was doing so well at the begining of the year and then one day I noticed how skinny my husband had gotten. For my 6lbs lost he had lost 10 and looked terrible - he is a beanpole anyhow. No I'm back to regular cooking so he can put that weight back on!!! The struggle continues!! First off I will say I thought you looked great anyhow! Congrats to sticking with the program and working out and being healthy!!!

Emily said...

OK've officially motivated me. I have a My Fitness Pal account, that I've never used...that changes now!

Kaitlyn said...

Love it! You go girl! I'm back on track, so let's see how this goes. :)

Rachel said...

Way to go, Tori!!
I figure one of these days I will no longer be able to be a skinny ninny like I am. Yeah, prolly about the time I hit 30.
Although, we eat good, in my book, and we do a LOT to stay fit, by just working. But, still, I am going to start running and maybe some other workouts once I pop this one out into the big ole world.
Glad you stuck to it, cause I think that'll be my deal... :/