Thursday, May 23, 2013

Smiley Faces

So you know my girl she is something else!  She has been a ball of fire pretty much since the moment she came into this world.  

Here in the past year and a half or so this girl has developed this habit of using page after page of a tablet.  She can go through a Big Chief tablet in about 4 minutes.  That's doable right?  I can deal with that kind of thing.    

However, it has now turned into cutting paper into tiny little pieces.  Now this behavior is not so easy to deal with.  She cuts paper and leaves it all over the office.  I'm talking covering the floor.  One time I didn't pick up after here and I'm  not joking you couldn't see the floor.  

Her bible case, whew you should see it.  By the time meeting is over it looks like she threw up paper everywhere. The poor child is literally sitting in a pile of mess.  

You add this paper thing to her pack-a-bag syndrome and I'm about to lose my mind.  FYI.....pack-a-bag syndrome is grabbing any bag or something that isn't a bag and using it as a bag and then filling it with random household object.  Objects that might be found in her bag are clean clothes, dirty clothes, doll clothes, head scarf, grapes, diapers (clean thank goodness), dice, toy horses, cell phones, walkie talkie....This list could go on forever.  

Here is the good news.  The other night I opened my bible and out popped two smiley faces.  It made me smile too and sort of made me chill about her messiness.  She means well.....I think.

I'm just trying to enjoy and embrace it all!  I love these kiddos and want to be a better Mama to them every day.  


Ashley Bergen said...

aw, how sweet of her.

Anonymous said...

Too cute! Ella has "pack-a-bag" syndrome too. Last night it was the 6-pack cooler filled with a can of green beans, a baby bottle, a metal condiment cup, toy necklace and baby spoons. All VERY necessary items. LOL! Gotta LOVE their little personalities.

Rachel said...

What a sweet mess she is, huh, Mama!?
Love her smiley faces!

Elizabeth Martin said...

This post made me smile! Sweet girl!

Emily said...

So sweet! My Mom still has "bookmarks" in her Bible that I made for her when I was little. I always smile when I see them as she's flipping through her Bible in church.