Tuesday, May 7, 2013

These faces..... and another How-To

These little faces are beautiful to me.
It doesn't matter if they are dirty or sticky.
It doesn't matter to me if they are snotty or crusty (sorry folks it's just a fact of life).  
What matters to me is that these little faces are smiling.  
Usually ice cream, playing in the dirt, and baby goats will cause these little faces to smile.

 and now for our latest "How-To".... 

Reno's "How-To" is not explained so well, but I'm pretty sure he can give roping lessons if anyone is in need of assistance.

He asks for "big rope", which means he wants a big loop.  It needs to be big enough that it sort of knocks him off balance once he gets it off the ground.  lol


Rachel said...

Cute little smiling faces!!
Love the roping lesson! Way to go Reno, he'll be right out there with his Daddy in no time!

Amanda Haney said...

Reno &Scout are SO cute!!!!

Emily said...

That...was too cute!

We love our baby goats too : )