Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Easter 2013

 What shall I say?  I am so late on sharing our Easter pics.  Late, but not lost!

Here we are!  Someday these pics will be such a prized possession.  I usually feel really stupid for forcing everyone to take a pic and then later I'm glad I did.

It was so nice to have my cousin Jimmy and his family with us this year!  Congrats to their whole family on graduation, new jobs, etc.  Jimmy is now the AD/Head football coach at Morton.  We are looking forward to them being close!

On to the confetti egg saga!  I didn't get all that took place.  Here Tripp is trying to get up the nerve to break the egg over his wifey (of 21 years as of today)!  What you can't see in these pics is Riley standing nearby telling Tripp he wouldn't do it, that he was scared, etc.  Well, he did it!

You also don't see Trail breaking an egg over Riley, or Riley showing Trail all the confetti in his cup then pouring the water on him.  You don't see me catching Tripp and holding him down while Hope breaks an egg in his pants.  (It might not have happened quite that easily but it sure makes the story sound better.)

 We love being all crazy like this!  Yes sometimes we get mad at each other,'s still fun!

My babies had a fun time gathering eggs this year.  They both actually understand what was going on.  Their goat Aena (pronounced A-na), just sat and watched.  She was so sweet, maybe a little too sweet and that's why she doesn't live here anymore.  Riley wanted a goat he could rope.  Goats....that's a whole other story!

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Rachel said...

What a good lookin' bunch!
Yay for family fun time!

Goats, huh?! ;)