Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Happy 40th to Hope (aka....Hopey, Hopeylicious)!

First I must say that some of this was my idea and some of it was not.  I am embarrassed to say that this post is months over due.  How about we just celebrate "40 years of Hopeilious" all year long!!

It didn't take too many lies to get her to Rudy's for a little celebrating.  I teased her that it's pretty bad when your birthday is planned around our guys team roping.  

Here she is with the beautiful family that she takes such good care of.  

 I just know that when I pop in at her house unannounced, there are always fresh vacuum marks.  Seriously!!! I know that when I pop in at her house unannounced, there is usually a fresh loaf of bread on the cabinet.  Seriously???  

Yes, now I am putting question marks behind the seriously because she is so good that it makes me kind of sick.  

She does laundry, cares for chickens, builds things, sews, bakes complicated things, cleans the church, even does 1st grade homework (shh don't tell).  These are the things that I know she does.  There's no telling what out-of-this-world things she does for her family that we never hear a word about.  

 I've known her since I was Scout's size.  She's been my sister-in-law since I was Trail's size.

Bless her!!

Oh and never play her at Scrabble.  She'll kick your hiney!  lol

Happy Birthday Hope!

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Rachel said...

Fun, y'all are such a sweet family! Love it!