Wednesday, September 26, 2012

LHS Homecoming 2012

So, Autumn Leigh was on Lazbuddie Homecoming Court this year.  She is a junior already.  Boy does time fly.  She looked absolutely gorgeous, you know the same as she does in a tee shirt and cap when she's out roping.  Jealous of that pretty girl!!

We talked early in the day on Friday about how Autumn was a candidate and might be the Queen.  Scout was determined to wear her princess dress up dress so she could be a queen with Autumn.  I think she was expecting Autumn to have a Cinderella dress.  I loved the dress!  Eye catching, simple, classy.....loved it.

Reno had just foundered at the Mexican Pile-On meal right before hand, so that's probably why he couldn't smile.  lol
Now these kiddos love their cousin Autumn, that's for sure!!

 The Townsend siblings!
 Scout and Reno were actually still and quiet during the star-spangled banner!!  Reno is so into watching football that he just sat quietly watching during the game.  It wouldn't hurt my feelings if he didn't want to play football, but I'm afraid I've already lost that one.
 I don't really think I'm that short, it's just the angle the picture was taken from.  lol
I was watching the half-time show and got to looking for Scout.  She had been glued to Summer all night.  So we found her down on the field playing on the rail.  I'm not surprised.  I guess she jumped at the chance to go down and take pics with Summer.  

Confession!!  I don't know how to set my camera to take a pic in the dark with big outdoor lights on.  I should know and I'm sure the information is right at my fingertips.  It's just that I need someone to hold my hand and teach me.  Any takers?  lol

So, at the end of the evening Autumn did not win homecoming queen, but she's a winner in our books.  She is effortlessly beautiful and a better hand with a horse than most men twice her age.  Sorry people, it's true.  So, she's still smiling!!


Rachel said...

Awesome! She is a pretty girl! How fun to get picked for Homecoming and get to dress up! :)

Scout is so funny! Such a big girl!

What kind of camera do you have?!

The Rustic Chick said...

She looked so pretty...loved that she wore her boots with her homecoming dress! Also loved Scout's pink shoes! Looks like a fun time! I always tell people I'm not really that short it was the angle to ;o) they don't believe me though since I'm only 4'11"!