Thursday, September 27, 2012

D Runners!!

Tandy, Scout, Reno, and I participated in the American Diabetes Association walk held in Lubbock this past weekend.  We were on the D Runners Team, which is our family on the Randolph side.  Our first cousin (once removed), Kory Koontz has diabetes and just so happens to be a PRCA heeler.  We never get together with this part of our family, so it was kind of fun to see them.

My little ones were champs in the stroller!
Us with the Koontz Family!
Sandy and I movin' out!

See the lady in the goofy hat?  She was always trying to pass us.  She did not beat me, even if I did have to run up a 1/2 mile hill.  lol

**I may or may not have stolen these pics from Tandy.  Thanks sista!!