Friday, September 21, 2012

Two Experiments

So we have two experiments going on here. The first being a post from the iPad. I feel like such a brat even saying that. After I bought the silly thing I felt sick to my stomach that I had just spent so much money on stupid technology.

It has been a lot of fun though, especially for the kids. I have found a few really fun learning games and videos that they love.

Mostly it has made me lazy. I love to lay in bed or soak in the tub to catch up on the news.

The second experiment is the chiropractor we've been going to in Floydada. NUCCA just means upper cervical, which has turned out to be wonderful for us. Luckily she is less than an hour and a half from us. I have received great help for my sciatic nerve and lower back. I just need to get Riley over there since he pretty much can't turn his head any more. Yuck!! Poor guy, it really cuts into the roping habit. Maybe I should say that he really pays for it in the evenings.

So, I hope your spine is in line on this Friday!!


Jennifer said...

I think J needs to visit your chiro.. his lower back goes out from time to time, and our chiro hasn't helped. He can't hardly move, and sometimes it makes his legs go out from under him. Last time he lifted a really heavy, metal tool box, and it went out, and made him fall. Then he can't hardly move all day. I made him go to the doc, and they took xrays, but never found anything. Needless to say, it cause me to stress even more when he rides a bronc.
Dang bronc riders.

My sis has an Ipad! She loves it for traveling.

Rachel said...

Good chiropractor's are hard to find! Hope she helps you out! We love our chiropractor, she can fix anything, well, so it seems! ;)