Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Reno is 2!!

It's almost impossible for me to comprehend that my baby is 2 years old.  It seems like yesterday that he was this scrawny baby that only wanted to sleep and not eat.  His eating is still pretty much a mystery, but he does love a few things.  I made a birthday meal that I knew he would gobble down.  I was right for once too.  He ate chicken fried steak, fried squash and okra, Aunt Kaitlyn's creamed corn, and potatoe wedges until I thought he would pop.  

Generally he doesn't like to eat out.  It seems like if we get something, fast or good sit-down, he just turns his nose up.  He has taken a liking to ice cream cones, but doesn't care too much for a shake or anything like that.  Sometimes he likes coke or tea, but it doesn't usually work with his tummy.  He usually won't even eat any kind of cracker or snack type food.   He makes up for all the bad habits his sister wants to have. 
 Finally, finally, finally........he speaks.  It's kind of like Wilbur.  Of course I can't remember the song, but somewhere in there it says "I don't even squeak or squawk, I Can Talk".  How true, all of sudden he doesn't just grunt or growl when he wants something, he says what he wants.  He is pretty easy to understand, thank goodness.  He calls Scout "Sissy".
 Reno and his Sissy are pretty big pals.  A lot of the time she doesn't have time for his babiness, but for the most part they get along pretty well.  He is such a copy-cat and does or says everything she does.  The other day some chickens escaped while we were cleaning their house.  For hours afterwards he was walking around saying, "Gosh, chickens...".  Thank goodness that's all I said.  lol
 He likes to write and draw.....on things he isn't supposed to.  I've never seen much that he's actually put on paper.  It's usually on my exercise ball, the wall, my vintage enamel cabinet, my cowhide stool.......you get the idea.  Today it was on himself.  He must think that two is old enough for a mustache, because it looks like that's what he drew on his face.

Most of all Mr. Reno loves eggs.  I'm not talking about eating eggs, I'm talking about carrying an egg around.  It all started when Aunt Pat gave us the pretend eggs to put in the coop so the silly things would lay.  He carries one around continually.  When Scout and I gather eggs we pretty much have to sneak them away from him or make sure he has one of his pretend eggs.  Odd, I know but he should be pretty good at Easter egg hunting this year.
 We had his party last weekend.  I ended up with almost zero pictures.  Not any real posed pictures of our family or the birthday boy.  It is so aggravating  but seriously what can we do about it now.  Birthday parties are such hard work and I have pretty much sworn that they would be held at Chuck E. Cheeses from now on.  
 I made chocolate zucchini cake with a chocolate glaze and we also had sopapilla cheesecake.  Definitely not your average birthday cakes, but it was all eaten.  Riley begged me to leave the zucchini out because "people would think we are weird".  Seriously, when did he start caring what people think?
 Aunt Tandy and her bunch "Under Armour-ed" him out.  He doesn't look happy here, but he truly received some great gifts.  Thank everyone!!
Cousin Trial spent the night, which absolutely overjoyed Scout.  Reno didn't care too much about anything associated with his birthday.  Back in July Reno moved to a big boy twin bed because he suddenly came untrained on going to bed in the crib.  We used to let him cry it out some, but he started pulling this "get-so-mad-I-puke" thing which is really hard to deal with.  (Let me know if you have the secret trick.)  Therefore, we moved him out of the crib and he does fairly well.  He still wakes up some in the night, but usually that has to do with his tummy or being spoiled.  I'm not sure I recognize the difference anymore.

See the bean bag here.....it's blue corduroy (from Target) and we love it.  Thanks Townsends!  Mostly he likes to dive on and off of the bean bag in the new, throaty, manly voice yelling.  Not yelling words, maybe it's more like growling.  It is very funny to hear, that's for sure.

Happy Birthday Little Reno Man!!  We love you so much, you are such a hoot and joy in our lives!


Rachel said...

Happy Birthday Reno!!!

Looks and sounds like y'all had a good ole time!! :)

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday to Reno!