Monday, September 5, 2011

Reno - 10.5 months

I guess I should just start being honest about his age. If I had originally planned to post at the 1/2 month then maybe it would have ended up at the right time.

We have 4 durn kitties at the new house. I let Gigi bring them a few weeks back thinking something would happen to a few as it usually does. Would you know that all 4 plus Balissa are doing great!! Balissa is the grown cat already living there when we got the house. Scout named her of course. Reno loves these cats. He actually loves any kind of animal.

I'm not sure how much you weigh Mr. Reno. My guess is around 18 pounds. You are still very much our little "lightweight". Your food of choice at the moment is mashed potatoes. At exactly 10 months we ditched formula and put you on whole milk. You have been doing great with it. You still love water and aren't wild about juice.

Just in the last week you have started sleeping all night. Finally!! You've been a pretty good napper all along even if it was for just 15 or 20 minutes. We lay you down and shut the door and you go to sleep on your own. The pacifier is history I suppose. Just in the last week you've been throwing it across the room instead of sucking it.

Pinching, scratching and biting are on your list of how to aggrivate Mama. You've done the pinching and scratching since you were tiny. My elbow is usually raw or my neck is bright red. Thank goodness Daddy keeps your finger nails clipped good. It is very obvious that you know you shouldn't be doing it either.

You have turned into quite the little ham. It can get pretty wild when you and sister crawl at top speed playing chase. You wrinkle up your nose and snort when you think you're being funny. You newest trick is to climb up the stairs onto Scout's bed and then onto her dresser from there. Needless to say there have been a few crashes.

We are trying to get "NO" into your little brain. It kind of goes with your name.....Re"NO". You have gotten a few little pops mostly for biting or climbing.

You are a super fun, sweet, cuddly guy. We have the most fun with you!!

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Jennifer said...

Aw, such a cutie!!! It goes so fast!