Monday, August 15, 2011

When I'm a Big Boy

Scout - "Mom... When I'm a big boy like Trail, I'm not gonna wear a girl swimming suit, just shorts and no shirt to swim around."

Me - "Scout... You're always gonna be a girl!!"

Maybe she's confused because this is what she and brother do for fun? Yep, naked in the flower bed.


Scout tells Autumn about our cat Donut.

"Donut, she's a boy."

All of this in one day. Hmm....Riley will be home for lunch soon, I'll let him handle this one.

Happy Monday!!


Kait said...

hahahahahaha love those little naked cuties!!

*ajt* said...

lol! I said that when I was little! I said when I was 6 I was going to be a boy. But when all you have is boys to play with what else do you want to be like?

Rain Barnes said...

Just started reading your blog via Cow Camp Tales. Then, I noticed that you follow Michelle Basshams blog (one of our favorite families ever) and so I thought I'd drop in and say hey. Your kids are precious and love some of the "junk" you've fixed up.