Wednesday, September 28, 2011

We are in.......

It is still pretty wild around here. We are kind of tired, not sure where everything is, etc. I suppose that is normal for all movers. Our first night here was actually on Saturday the 17th.

I moved into the little "town" house which belonged to Grandma Hazel in 2004. (She had moved into town in 1986 so that we could move out to the farm.) Riley joined me there in 2005 and we've since added 2 children and a whole bunch of junk.

Sunday morning after our 1st night!!

(Gotta love Papaw getting everyone's attention in the reflection. lol)

We still aren't completely in the "country" like we'd like to be. However we are outside the city limits and we have a great back porch for the kids to play on that overlooks lovely corn and cotton fields.

There is lots of work yet to be done. We have really changed the place, just with paint, a few new doors, and some beautiful texture. Thanks Hope, you really saved the day (or pocketbook). I'll post before and after pics as soon as I'm happy with the after.

I'm still trying to decide where some of the furniture should go and to get the playroom and office organized soon. Well it will have to be soon because Reno's birthday will be here before we know it.

We did have some excitement along the way. Believe it or not it doesn't involve Scout.

A) I spilled half a quart of stain in Scout's bedroom.

B) Reno got into the blue paint in our room.

C) A few trips up the ladder. Don't worry I was watching!!

D) Couldn't find the box with wedding ring and some cash for a week! It has been found, thank goodness!!

Papaw trying to get blue paint off of Reno.

It even soaked through his shorts onto the diaper!!

This boy loves to climb!

Last, but absolutely not least..........Thanks to Gigi and Papaw for helping so much. We couldn't have gotten the painting or moving done without your help. This retirement thing really worked out well for us. lol I know the kids enjoyed it!!


Kait said...

LOVE the paint pics! And GREAT family pic!
Can't wait to see the new place!

Jennifer said...

OMG! Love that picture with the silhouette!!! Love your dress too btw! :)
Can't wait to see pics of your new home!