Sunday, September 11, 2011

We Remember

Below you will find what was posted on the AQHA facebook page today. It is so nicely titled and fitting for the day.

There were a few that totally missed the point here. Unfortunately it kind of turned out to be funny.

There were 34 comments. See if you can guess which comment was mine. (Hint: Not "hes")

American Quarter Horse Association
We remember.

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American Quarter Horse Association In this photo: Riley Smith of Earth, Texas, at the 2010 Working Ranch Cowboys Association World Championship Ranch Rodeo. AQHA photo.

-omg is he single? lol God Bless
-I thought the same thing Tamora...he's hot. :
-We Will NEVER Forget.... Always Be Bless'd & Be a Blessing Thank You AQHA
-god bless you guys and the familys of the lives lost
-Always. We remember.
-we remeber..........
-we remeber- beautiful picture, ~god bless~
-Yes ! We will all remember!!
-We remember
-Can he remember closer to me lol
-I borrowed this pic for the day, I hope that's okay?
-I think in honor of all the nine eleven victims I will ride my stormie for a while in honor of them.
-We will never forget is correct.
-Like horse, LIKE rider! :)
-god bless those who lost their loved ones.
-That horse looks like my friends but her is a hanoravian
-Great photo!
-I love this pic, God Bless America!
-A great tribute to the 9-11 victims...
-God Bless The USA
-god bless America
-Lovely to all those falling in love with the dude. I'm falling for that gorgeous horse. Dang thing is BEAUTIFUL.
-I will NEVER FORGET. GOD BLESS AMERICA and the families/friends who lost a loved one. THANK ALL OF YALL WHO SERVED/SERVING- I keep you in my prayers. What a beautifull picture and a GREAT TRIBUTE TO ALL WHO LOST THEIR LIVES ON 9/11
-That's my uncle!?
-least we forget, my heart goes out from England
-What could be bettter, God, America and horses.
-I think he's hot too. It is awesome being married to Riley Smith He's the most wonderful husband and dad!! Thinking of those who have lost a special someone.
-God bless you all.
-America needs to stand strong! God bless the fallen and those who remain! Pray our troops stay safe!

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Jennifer said...

LOL! I did have to laugh at some of those comments! I wonder how many of those gals were married? ;) I loved your reply, so matter of fact. ;)