Wednesday, July 27, 2011


A couple of months ago when Scout and Reno were both sick we did lots of rocking and singing. I sang "Rock-A-Bye Baby" even though I don't really know the words that well. I promise I don't sing it the way she does.

"Rock-a-bye 5 babies in the tree top".............She won't have it any other way now.

Also thought I'd go ahead and share the latest. She stayed with Hope and the kids while Riley, Reno and I went to Amarillo on Monday. We didn't get home until 9 that evening. When we got to our house she was hungry and claimed that she had only eaten ice cream all day long. We pretty much believed her but we knew she had been offered something better.

I asked her what Hope ate for supper just to get some sort of answer. Nothing. Next I asked her what Autumn ate for supper. Her reply, "crap ham".

Turns out that she and Autumn had a snack while they watched Nemo together. What could possibly be called "crap ham"? beef jerky

There will never be a such thing as beef jerky ever again. Oh and they really had quesadillas for supper but I still haven't heard a word about them.

Peace, Love, & somtimes Scout tells big "windys"

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Jennifer said...

Haha!!! Too funny!