Thursday, July 7, 2011

Red, White, & Blue

Our 4th actually started on the 2nd in Muleshoe. They have a parade and this year added a ranch rodeo. It was a full Bonnie Concho day for us. Summer and Autumn drove the BC four-wheeler in the parade, we were open most of the day, and then set up at the rodeo.

We went to Springlake on Monday for the parade and meal. I haven't been to it since high school and have to admit it is a pretty fun time. Can you say homemade french fries and ice cream served in a 22 oz cup? Oh and a live band too, but I get more excited about the food.

I'd really like to know what the conversation is about here. Someday these little ladies won't be so happy with me for posting this picture, but for now I think it's precious.

As you can see here, Leah isn't really sure what to think of Scout. She likes Reno pretty well though. Poor Reno, I don't have a single picture of him on his first Fourth of July. I assure you he looked handsome in his palm leaf cow-boy hat.

My little tom-boy filled her "Cinderella" bucket with dirt and rocks before the parade started. She sure didn't mind dumping it out to fill with candy though.

Happy Indepedence Day!!


Jennifer said...

Looks like a fun day!!

Rachel said...

Looks like fun!