Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Banker in training....

was the title of this picture in the e-mail from our banker. We use First United Bank Earth branch and sure think a lot of Mr. Phillip York.

Riley tells me...."Oh yeah, I wasn't watching Scout very good when we went into the bank and they should've sent you an e-mail with her picture."

I guess Crystal was letting her be a teller while Riley was "taking care of business".

Happy Tuesday!!! BTW....it's raining a little here. Not sure how much but we'll take anything.


Rachel said...

Thats way too cute!!
I think it's fun when the banker and tellers get to where they enjoy when the kids come in with us. The hubby tells our tellers that everytime they give the boys candy they need to give a dollar too, that way when they need to go to the dentist for cavities, if such happens, then it'll be covered. ;)
She's a doll!!

Jennifer said...

LoL! How cute!!