Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy Convention 2011

The end of July we enjoyed are annual trip to Happy Convention. Technically it takes place at Wayside, TX but "Happy" is a more fitting name. We camp out in our trailers and enjoy four wonderful days of spiritual enrichment. It's pretty much like church camp for the whole family.

We are always "Happy to be at Happy".

Aunt Hope & Reno

The cousins!!
I'm pretty sure Reno is flirting with Hope in this pic.

Mimi & Papa with most of their grandkids.

The Tripp Townsend Family

Scout with Acadia, Alyssa, & Rylan

Poor Rylan, Scout bosses her around so badly!!

Like mother like daughter!! Pretty sure I did the same thing to Larkin.


Rachel said...

Fun, fun!!

Kait said...

LOVE ALL the awesome dresses and outfits! Are they all BC??