Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Our Girl......

She's purty!
Here she is posing with her stylist, Meg.

She's fashionable!
Yes, those are house shoes that she's wearing in the restaurant .

She ain't skeerd!
She didn't know any of those big kids at the stock show.

She'll steal your purse or just pack up 2 or 3 of her own.

She'll work!
This girl will do dishes all day long.

She'll get "all up in your business" no matter what your doing.

She's daring!! Oh, and she loves Dr. Pepper.

She's a country girl!

I've been trying to keep track of some of the hilarious things she says. It is mostly impossible because she says something else before you can get the first thing written down.

Scout's Funny Words
"drank" = drink
"tursty" = thirsty
"pursh" = push
"meegan" = meeting
"taddy" bear = teddy bear

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