Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New Spurs

This would be like

me going out and buying myself

a really expensive pair of choose.
Really expensive!!

My shoes don't make us any money and these are simply tools that Riley needs to perform his job. It is kind of true!!

Riley ordered these especially for calf-roping, which explains the short shank and small rowel. Hopefully I got all that lingo right.

The awesome part is that Riley's brother, Brook made these. We think he did a great job. He and Kaitlyn are so talented! If you decide you need some new spurs in your "bidness", I'm sure you can get in touch with him through her or we'd be glad to help you out.

Here I am a few hours later.....and hopefully brighter. My mistake is too funny to correct now. I promise we don't talk this way. Wonder what was going on with my mind at midnight last night?


Kaitlyn said...

Yay! Brook says thanks for the awesome post! It's funny because we were looking at it and I was like, "do you think she meant to put "choose"?" Hahaha - niiiceee going! :)

P.S. Love the smilebox thing too - the videos are too cute!

Me.. said...

You live in a farming area with lots of english language learners...I teach the fit right in! And besides, when one must buy feet coverings, it is soooooo hard to choose just one!
LOL. Love it!!

Tandy Adams said...

So your "choose" are kinda like, I will "tissue" something. Or I'd like to go shopping but I aint got no "bodywash" my kids... LOL you funny!