Thursday, February 24, 2011

Four OH!!

Oh my, can ya'll believe Tripp is 40? If the birthday thing comes up I've been telling people that I am 20 and he's 30. At least he'll be having a big birthday each time I do. Plus it will always be worse for him. ha ha!!

He's lived with this gal longer than he did his Mama. Maybe I should say he's been spoiled by this lovely lady longer than his Mama spoiled him.

Showing his "skills".

Tripp & Red have been friends since they were teenagers.

Tate & Laura

My Mama even beat me on the first game!!

The girls are outnumbered, but I'm pretty sure they still rule.

Tandy & Mom

Pake & Scout
This had to have been the only time she sat sort-of still in a chair all night.

Lovin' her Hopey!

Reno sat with Papa...

with Dad....

with Mimi. Poor guy just got passed around all night.

The cutest tiny bowling shoes!!

Daddy helping Scout.

They even knocked a few pins down. Overall she thought it was more fun to dance or do belly flops off the stairs onto the slick floor.

Happy Birthday!! I wonder if any of us will still be able to bowl on your 50th??

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Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Hi Tori! Adorable bowling photos! :)

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