Monday, March 28, 2011

It Won't Go Out

This is generally the statement we hear when we put Scout on the potty. She has always been pretty good about going tt and we might have had a break through on the other just in the last couple of days. I hate to even say that for fear of jinxing us.

Just to give you an idea of how important panties are to her. This is what I found the other day. Panties on the head. Come to find out, what she was trying to accomplish is a horse racing mask. On the movie Stripes the race horses wear tight face mask things. Of course this didn't last long because she was mumbling something about it not being big enough and that we'd need to get a bigger one.

We are still wondering how to handle this. We've hosed her down, spanked, bribed her, begged, pleaded, etc. I think this whole thing has traumatized Riley and I much more than it has affected her. She simply repeated the getting "rosed" down story very dramatically for Tripp & Hope. I'm thinking she was kind of proud of herself. I will tell you, she's tough as a boot so it's kind of hard to even phase her.

Just this past Saturday night, we might have found the answer. This funny girl is finally even a little troubled about it if she felt the need to pray. This is how it went.

Faader in Heaven, thank you for mommy, daddy, and reno. Hep me to be learnin' steff and to go poop on the big girl potty and to be a good girl. - Amen

I would love some tips (or maybe We are starting to get pretty desperate. Main thing is that we can't lose now. Stay tuned to a hopefully successful follow-up story and hopefully SOON.

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