Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I was RIGHT!

Very dorky, I know!! Scout received window crayons and I just had to test them out. Some people think I'm so dorky that they wouldn't even participate, not naming names. lol

Before we get any rumors started, we'd better clarify who is expecting. Riley's brother Brook & his wifey Kaitlyn are due on July 4th.

I knew it!! Not sure how, maybe I'll be a baby predictor. I considered calling Kait this morning and telling her we would love him too if it so happened to be a him. My confidence kept me from calling.

It's going to be soo fun to spoil this little lady. It'll be kind of hard considering the distance between Earth and Converse, but I'm confident in myself once again.


*ajt* said...

That's Great! Congrats Kaitlyn and Brook!

Kaitlyn said...

Hahahaha - I should have figured you would have proof documented of your vote! :)